Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Janet H_______

"Uhhnn…yeah!" she groaned when I smacked her on the right one. I rubbed and squoze each cheek after I smacked it. I slipped my left hand down to pinch her nipple, which was almost hangin' down to the floor.

She looked at me an laughed, embarrassed by what had just happened. But she should never have felt like that. I helped her to her feet and as we began to walk back to the cottage she filled me in on David’s affair. Several times she stopped as fresh tears fell. I felt for her but still didn’t know the words to say that would bring her comfort. All I could do was listen to her, and it seemed it was all she needed.

Oh, we were touching and stroking and occasionally kissing, but mostly we were watching the other two and getting more and more aroused. Then Philip was cumming! Yelling loudly and pounding in to Marie’s eager pussy as she once again urged him on, telling him to fill her, telling him to shoot his load, telling him to FUCK HER!! and Philip did just that!, and when it was over and they slumped together on the couch, I looked at Amelia, and she looked at me, and we came together at once, feeling that extra element of fire that hadn’t been there the previous occasion, but both holding it in check, feeding off it, but not allowing it to devour us.

“Is this ok?” he said as he cupped my tit.

“Oh fuck” Derrick said out loud as he unceremoniously pulled his dick from her used pussy. “What a cunt you got, Brenda. You gotta fuck this woman’s cunt Trey,” he said to his boss.

Yasmin replied gritting her teeth her spine tingling. "It's disgusting." The man smiled undoing his pants tossing the vibrator back on the tray. "Nothing more than you're doing Miss Bleats." And with that he pushed her knees further apart and shamelessly mounted her.

"Yes, mistress... whatever you say," was her obedient response.

Their kiss became deeper as their tongues danced a tango from her mouth to his. She could taste the beer on his mouth along with a sweetness. A deep breath inhaled filled her nostrils with the scent of lust as well as his Aramis. Her hands moved to the back of his neck as she pulled him closer.

Their eyes were locked into each other as they both took a drink of their beer.

I just sat there, my mouth agape as they popped open on the screen. The first one was of Louise and Jimmy sitting side-by-side and engaged in mutual masturbation. He appeared to be sliding a small vibrator into his mother's pussy while she was stroking his cock with one hand and squeezing one of her breasts with the other. That picture alone nearly made me cum in my pants without even the slightest touch. The second picture was of Jimmy leaning back while Louse had her mouth fastened upon his cock. You could see his cum dribbling out of the corners of her mouth as she sucked his seed from him.

"She's a freed 'bot from San Francisco. Her full name's Reika Aldred. She's been in town a couple months. If she's not working here, she's doing shows in the Falls or Saint Kitts." I knew Tom meant Niagara Falls and Saint Catharines, the two other main cities in the region. "I think she's looking for a new owner of record. Russ hasn't committed to anything either way."

Ralph picked up the phone, called the office and asked Rose for room service." Do you have any single men registered." The girl asked why? So he explained that they needed help with two horney girls that would like to have an extra cock or two to play with and if she could join in, he and Jack wouldn't mind some fresh pussy.

I refocused on the paper and tried to forget what I had just looked at, when Jan spoke up...

As roommates we were pretty familiar with each other, feeling comfortable changing our shirts in front of each other and stuff like that. Mira usually wore a very basic and serviceable plain bra in cream, black or my favorite, brown which matched perfectly against her skin. Even without sexy underwear, Mira's breasts looked amazing.

"Where do you think you're going?" I said sharply.

"Don't worry darling," said Kay, "it's your time. We want you to enjoy this as much as we have, and I think Marlene loves your cock as much as I do." She then took my cock deep into her throat while Marlene cupped my balls gently in one hand and stroked Kay's face with the other one, while she looked into my eyes.

Sabrina quickly rang me up and I paid her. "I tell you what, Allen," she said as she handed me my change back. "I work here on Sundays and Tuesdays. Why don't you come back on Sunday and we can discuss what you have read and maybe I could help you understand the parts that you might not quite get. "

“Please make me cum. I want to cum.” I gave her another smack on the rear end, but this time her cry wasn’t as much pain as pleasure. “Please, pinch my nipples. Pull on them. Squeeze them.”